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Integrity has built numerous houses in the Pioneer Valley since our beginnings in 1991.

Integrity works side-by-side with you to build your dream home, managing every detail at each step of the process to ensure your new home meets all of your expectations. We can start with finding a site, exploring modular versus site-built options, translating your sketch into plans or working from your architect’s plans.

Our building materials come from local suppliers and manufacturers whenever possible, and as a certified builder of nationally-recognized Energy Star Homes, Integrity designs and constructs to conserve natural resources and create energy efficient spaces.

Custom homes

Our co-owner and lead designer, Heidi Flanders, guides the creative design process with you when designing a home from the ground up. Whether we work with you directly or with a professional architect of your choice, our goal is to translate your inspirations into the place you call home, all the while responding to the fine tuning you’ll need along the way.

Modular homes

A modular home is a cost-effective way to have the home of your dreams. Integrity has extensive experience in modular home finishing, having completed over 40 modular houses as well as several second-story additions to existing homes. Our long-standing relationship with Huntington Homes, a custom modular home manufacturer in East Montpelier, Vermont, will ensure that you bring your dream house to reality at a price you can afford.

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