We had a very positive experience with Integrity around a complete redesign of our kitchen in Spring 2019. Heidi, a co-owner, developed an excellent plan for the project, and we were actively involved in the planning. Anna, the other co-owner, was the project manager and we met regularly with her during the 6 weeks of construction.

They were both very knowledgeable, reliable and responsive to our needs. They were very helpful around choices of cabinets, lighting, flooring etc. The staff involved with the on-site work (carpenter, painters, electricians, plumbers and floor installer) were outstanding without exception. We were thrilled by the work of carpenter Stoney Cantler. He was regularly at our place from 7:00-3:30 five days per week. He is very skilled and meticulous in his work. He was important along with Anna in explaining the sequence of what was to be done and the specifics of how it would be done. He is a wonderful person who also functioned as an on-site project coordinator.

The kitchen was carefully sealed off from the rest of the house, and there was no problem with dust accumulation in the rest of the house. A makeshift kitchen was set up in our dining room complete with relocating there our soon to be replaced refrigerator. The work proceeded from start to finish very smoothly within our agreed upon budget.

The ultimate reward was a beautiful new kitchen that exceeded our expectations and fully meets our needs.

Barry Farber

We just got our kitchen renovated by Integrity and I can't give the quality of their service any true justice. They love what they do and want their service to be the best. Every employee and subcontractor I dealt with was excellent.

They dealt with problems they encountered with our 1937 house in stride. They turned our 1970 kitchen into something that you see on TV. I recommend them without any concern or question. We are already planning bathroom renovations and will come to them.

The staff are knowledgeable, kind and enjoyable to be around. They finished the job early, on budget and with comfortable excellence that makes me proud to say the gave us an amazing kitchen. All I can say to them is thank you and I'll see you soon.

John G.

Heidi, our designer, has a deep knowledge of the entire building process. During our design meetings, she was able to give us immediate feedback in regard to budget and constructability, which really accelerated the process and made it exciting. She didn't force personal design agendas on us, but rather worked hard to ensure we were pleased with every aspect of the design. And we never felt like anyone became exasperated with us - they were always so willing to accommodate our changes.

Given the team's attention to detail throughout the entire process, you'd think they were designing their own homes. It feels like we're on vacation! It's better than we could have imagined.

Robin Karson & Carol Betsch

We were very pleased with the work that Integrity did for us! The carpenters and painters were extremely polite, and completed the job skillfully and with minimal disruption to our lives. Integrity is the first company we would call for any of our future projects!

Patrick & Leslie Chehade

We are very pleased with Integrity and will recommend them freely to others. Thank you. We appreciate the people who worked on our project.

Mary Ann Brandt

Our sun room addition is just what we hoped for - a beautiful extension of our home that looks and feels original to the house. Jack, our Project Manager, was a delight to work with. He was very responsive and walked us through the design and construction process to ensure it was completed on schedule and within budget. We look forward to our next opportunity to work with Integrity!

Judy Dixon

We are impressed by how seriously Integrity takes its commitment to quality, communication, and professionalism. Those values are easy to promise but hard to deliver in practice. Everyone involved in the project helped to make it a good experience for us, and we're thrilled with the results! (2018)

Mimi Hellman

When we first entertained the idea of remodeling our home we worked with an architect to help us figure out how we could make our house function better. We ended up with drawings and had no idea where to go next. During our search for a builder we learned about design-build which provides one unified flow of work from initial concept through project completion. We engaged Integrity Development & Construction under a single contract to provide design and construction services. The collaborative relationship we built with Heidi, our designer, and Kyle, our Project Manager, during the design phase set the stage for a smooth and successful project. Heidi and Kyle were extremely patient with us, answering all of our questions and providing us with excellent advice and ultimately a great design that addressed our needs.

We spent a good amount of time selecting tile, flooring, paint colors, plumbing fixtures, finishes, etc. that all went into the final scope of work which determined the bottom line contract cost. Because Integrity was repsonsible for both designing AND building the project, great attention was given to pricing and scheduling in the design phase. The costs of all aspects of the project were taken into account early on in the process; all fees, construction costs, finishes, etc. were accounted for in the contract and the cost would only change if we – the homeowners – made changes.

On the first day of demolition we were introduced to Bert who was our lead carpenter for the entire project. He was at our house every day during the entire renovation. Kyle, our project manager, checked in weekly to review any change orders or to discuss upcoming work that was to be done. Both Kyle and Bert were very responsive to any texts/emails we sent with questions or concerns. Any issues we had were addressed immediately and with perfect aplomb. We worked closely with the Integrity team with a shared goal of completeing a successful project.

We lived in our house during the entire 4 months of demo and construction. Everyone from Integrity was very respectful of our space leaving the house clean and tidy at the end of each work day. We had a great working relationship with Bert, our carpenter which was important as he arrived at our house at 7AM each and every day. He was incredibly industrious and kept the project on track.

At the end of the project when we looked at our new kitchen and two new bathrooms we felt like we were looking at a high end design magazine. Attention had been paid to every little detail. And the budget stayed on track – no surprises! Strangely we missed all of our Integrity friends after the project was done. When we are ready for another project Integrity will definitely be our first call.

Bottom Line: if you want your project to run smoothly, stay on budget, work with fun and interesting people, call Integrity. (2018)

Jil Lesko

Just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you once again for making our home easier for me to navigate, it has made a big difference. Integrity is a good name for the business. Thanks for your kind considerations. (2016)

Norma and Dennis

It’s not often that a company lives up to it’s branding, but Integrity Development is a wonderful exception. Throughout the many projects we’ve done together. I have always been impressed with the expertise, professionalism and yes integrity manifest by everyone in the organization. My one regret I have in moving is that I don’t think that I’ll be able to entice you to come up to Guilford, VT to do my new basement. (2015)

Jeannette Tokarz

We wanted to tell you and your team that we are thrilled with the 2 bathroom remodeling projects that Integrity did for us this spring. The workmanship was perfect and the project management was outstanding. We appreciate the excellent communication provided from beginning to end. Both projects were scoped out accurately and explained to us clearly before, during and after completion. The planning and construction was executed professionally. The project manuals, notifications & scheduling provided us with a complete understanding of the project as it unfolded. We are grateful for the respect that Integrity demonstrated for us, our living conditions during the project and our home in general. The workers protected every possible surface prior to construction and maintained an uncommon level of cleanliness and order each and every day during the project. We feel fortunate to have had such a positive and rewarding experience. We will be sure to contact Integrity for our next construction

Paul and Leslie Fisette

We just wanted to take a moment and extend our sincere appreciation to you, Kyle, Scott, Matt, Peter and anyone else at Integrity who was involved in making our kitchen redesign and rebuild project a complete success. We are in love with the end result; in fact, we can hardly believe it's the same room! Special thanks go to Kyle as our project manager, who was with us from Day 1 right to the end and was immensely helpful, patient and responsive to our needs and requests.

Greg & Ann Chiara

We enjoyed working with Integrity a great deal, and are delighted with the results. Integrity acts with respect and honesty in their dealings with clients, and works toward a shared vision for the final product. We found the owners and workers to be good, thoughtful, caring people as well as excellent at what they do. We would not hesitate to work with Integrity again.

Joya Misra

I want to give a huge shout out to Peter Jessop and Integrity Development & Construction in Amherst who rebuilt our house. Their work was superb and the process wonderful. And here we are 9 years later and had an issue with some wood on the pergola and they kicked ass, fixed it, and refused to give us an invoice. These folks named their firm after the value that they do business by! Love that.

Baer Tierkel

The quality of the work of the entire Integrity Team is top notch. We tell everyone we know that Integrity is great to work with and you do an incredible job. We would not hesitate to recommend you to others considering a construction project. We know that in the future, when we are planning an expansion or remodeling project in our home, it’s Integrity we will call to do that work for us. We wouldn’t consider working with any other construction firm.

Lori and John Rogers

I would like to highly recommend Integrity Development and Construction for your remodeling or building project. Integrity was my builder of choice for the home I had constructed.
Integrity was able to work efficiently without any sacrifice to quality and while maintaining a very positive working relationship with me at all times. I felt that our communication was excellent. I was given timely notice of decisions to be made and changes that were necessitated by cost or design. Any questions or concerns I had were answered promptly and in a positive manner. All of the people involved in the project were responsive to concerns I had when I visited the site. The punch list was completed within a short period of time after my move-in date. In fact, from the start of construction to the completion of the punch list, my home only took six months to build!
Please note that I say all of this having built another house with a different contractor only five years prior to my experience with Integrity. So I was familiar with the potential pitfalls of the construction process. Integrity proved to me that you can build a house and enjoy the process along the way!

Laurie Bell Farkas

Once again I am writing a letter to express our gratitude to everyone in your company for the craftsmanship, creativity and professionalism of your employees. We are so thrilled to be heading into a long, hard winter with a roof we can count on and a beautiful new basement to enjoy! I don’t think there is one square foot of this house that your company hasn’t remodeled or created and for that we are forever grateful.
I am so thankful for the time Heidi spent on configuring the layout and figuring out a way to build our “beverage area.” There were several people, including another designer, who had many great ideas about the layout, but Heidi’s layout was brilliant and the basement would not be as functional as it is without her. Thank you Heidi!
I am rarely inspired to write a letter of gratitude and this is now my second letter to you. It’s my way of thanking everyone for our beautiful home which we would not have without you.

Heather Schrauben and Michael Sacco

I often thought during the project that we could have chosen no better contractor to do our kitchen and now I am convinced that is the case.
Not having the funds to change “the footprint” or enlarge the space did not, thanks to you, constitute a sacrifice for us. I have been cooking for over thirty years, and this is the loveliest and most efficient kitchen I have ever cooked in. In large part this is due to the time you spent with me planning the space and in your ability to listen to my ideas along the way. I remember three instance, after the project was underway, when I asked if we could make a specific change – and your answer to each request was “I think we could do that.” And, you did.
The kitchen is a very important place to our family. Thank you for making it such a joy to come home to. And, thank you again for your efficiency, your redoubtable good humor, your choice of workmen, and your ability to finish all of the details of the job even those sniggledy, fine ones.

Anne Williamson

I am very pleased to serve as a reference for Peter Jessop and Integrity Development & Construction.

In the spring of 1997, I hired Integrity to enlarge and convert an existing office in my home into a master bedroom with a new bath, as well as to remodel my former bedroom into a new office.

This may sound odd, but one thing that really stood out about Peter is that he never made me feel stupid. Such is not always the case in relationships between builders and clients, particularly when the client is a woman! But with Peter, I felt like I was working in an absolute partnership.

Peter’s crew was also easy to work with. They were competent, pleasant, and considerate of the fact that I was living here while everything was going on. I felt perfectly comfortable with them—very important when your house is torn up and people are going in and out! And they always left the site in very good shape.

Toward the end of the project, I was camped out with three rooms’ worth of stuff jammed into one room. It was as if a little fortress of bureaus and desks surrounded my bed! I left this crazy scene to attend a four-day conference. When I returned late at night, exhausted after a three-hour drive, I was ecstatic at what I found: Not only had Peter’s crew finished all the painting, they’d moved all the furniture into my new bedroom - - and had even made up my bed! And Peter had left a bouquet with a note: “Enjoy your new space.”

I enjoy it indeed. And I highly recommend Peter Jessop and Integrity to anyone.

Judy Moran

Integrity has worked on two different projects on our home over the last few years. In 2003, Integrity worked on an extensive renovatons of our living room, dining room, study, entry hall, and family room. This work included moving a staircase, adding stone to a fireplace, and creating build-in bookshelves, among other projects. In 2005, Integrity completely renovated our kitchen – literally demolishing the entire kitchen and breakfast area and replacing all appliances, cabinets, island, and lighting. Our project manager for both jobs was Anna Novey.

In each case, we could not have been happier with Integrity’s work. Throughout each project, we were kept very up to date on the progress and timeline, and both the time and cost of each job were almost precisely what we had anticipated at the start. The workers were friendly and pleasant, and willing to cheerfully answer assorted questions from our small boys about the work. Most importantly, the work on both renovations was just outstanding—the quality and durability and attention to detail were all excellent.

We have already recommended Integrity to our friends, and fully intend to use their services again ourselves for a future renovation of our master bedroom/bathroom. Please contact us if you have any questions about their work on our home at any time. We give Integrity Development & Construction our strongest recommendation.

Bart Hollander and Catherine Sanderson

Integrity did excellent work for us in the recent past. When we moved to a smaller house, we hoped to postpone the necessity of assisted living as long as possible. Anna Novey and others on the staff had imaginative ideas about centering on the first floor essentials such as a master bath room which included a washer and dryer, and arranging for ample closet space.
The work they did was completed promptly and of high quality. They were careful to see that all tasks were finished. We appreciated the fact that they allowed us to do much of the painting ourselves, enabling us to save on the cost.
I have also been much impressed by the valuable public service performed by many of those connected with the organization - - particularly Peter Jessop and Donald Putnam.

George Goodwin, Jr.

We’re writing to thank you for your work putting in a bedroom and bathroom into the space over our garage, and hope this letter will serve as a reference for people considering hiring Integrity for work on their house. We are extremely happy with the beautiful new addition, which was finished on time and at the budget we’d agreed upon. The workers you brought in were pleasant to be around, you were straightforward about costs, your office was responsive to our calls, and when on one or two occasions some work was done that we didn’t like – which is inevitable in a project like this one – we had every confidence in your cheerful accountability.

We also feel as though you were interested in and respected our ideas, and had a lot of patience for our questions. It’s no small thing for two women to feel confident that their contractor will never make them feel stupid. In fact, you were such a pleasure to be around, we missed you the first few mornings after the project was finished!

We will be calling about future renovations.

Judy Frank and Liz Garland

Thank you for doing such a great job on the porch! We absolutely love it, and our neighbors do, too. I can’t tell you how many people have told us how wonderful it looks. The mose common compliment is that it looks like it has been a part of the house all along, or that it should have, anyway. Several people have told us it’s “elegant”—a tribute to the fine detail work.

The end result is the most important thing, of couse, but the entire process was a pleasant experience. We really appreciate your almost instantaneous response to our request for an estimate, and your ability to start the project so quickly. The carpenters were all very nice people, considerate, polite, and wonderful with my kids! Everything was completed very close to schedule and on budget, the only hold ups being due to the landscaper Bruce and I hired.

This is all no surprise, of course, given the experience we had when you finished the third floor of our house. Once again your guys did a fantastic job across the board. If you would like to use us as references for new clients, feel free to pass on our names and number. Of course the porch speaks pretty well for itself, if you want to send people by to look at it.

Kate and Bruce

Integrity worked on a number of projects at my home over the course of two years: extensive re-siding (in cedar) of the exterior, a newly configured mudroom, a number of new exterior doors and windows, and finally, a kitchen remodel. My project manager throughout, Anna Novey, was excellent to work with, and I appreciate her follow through and the careful attention all the workers on the project displayed. Everyone at Integrity worked hard to ensure that each and every detail of the project was done right—and that I felt happy with it. Even when things took longer than expected, they checked in, and I had confidence that the work would be finished to my satisfaction, which it was. In the “wild west” landscape of contractors, know that Integrity delivers quality work and is wonderfully attuned to providing their clients with the best service and care.

A. Elizabeth Anema

From the very beginning Integrity impressed us by returning plans on or before the due date and were most cooperative in developing a schedule which met our timeline. We have renovated several homes through the years and we would rate Integiry's quality and attention to the customer right at the top. In addition to the great quality of work, their responsiveness to our needs was much appreciated.

Tim & Cathy Neale

"The end result is the most important thing, of course, but the entire process was a pleasant experience. We really appreciate Integrity's instantaneous response to our request for an estimate, and their ability to start the project so quickly. The carpenters were all very nice people, considerate, polite, and wonderful with my kids!"

Kate MacGregor

From our first contact as we planned our project to its completion, we were impressed with Integrity's organization and attention to detail. Throughout the project we were grateful for their clear communication. A question never went unanswered for more than a day, and we always knew what to expect and when to expect it. That was particularly appreciated--there really were no surprises. Most importantly, the work itself was of the highest quality. We continue to appreciate so many of the fine touches; the care with which the Corian peninsula was angled, shaped and mounted; the construction of the window seat in the sunroom; and most of all the complete comfort, attractiveness and functionality of the kitchen. It's truly the center of our home.

Audrey Smith

"We are extremely happy with the beautiful new addition, which was finished on time and at the budget we'd agreed upon. We also feel as though Integrity was interested in and respected our ideas, and had a lot of patience for our questions. It's no small thing for two women to feel confident that their contractor will never make them feel stupid."

Judy Frank & Liz Garland

"All in all, it was a great experience; nothing like the trauma that remodeling is alleged to be."

Peter Siegelman

"Integrity Development & Construction Inc. really made the process of working on our house as easy as it possibly could have been. They set us up so beautifully in our "basement kitchen" that it caused us minimal disruption to our daily routine. The work got done in the time frame that was expected. All the Integrity workers were friendly and respectful. Our house is FABULOUS! We truly feel that we are living in a kitchen magazine when we are making meals and the basement has significantly improved our quality of life."

Jessica Wolff and Kevin Landou

"Integrity’s proposal was by far the most professional and thorough we received, as well as being timely submitted, and competitively priced. We felt that they were interested from the start in giving us something we would be totally satisfied with, and his helpful suggestions during the planning phases expressed their concern for our happiness at the end result.
During the renovation period of several months, we were very pleased with the people who worked on the project. The crews were on-time, friendly, and fun to have around. We actually felt a little lonely when things were all done! The grounds were picked up regularly during the renovation, and things were done in a neat and orderly fashion. Everything ran on schedule (not a small miracle in this day and age) and we were able to enjoy our completed project by summer’s end.
We would highly recommend Integrity to anyone who is looking for quality work by a professional group whose utmost concern is the homeowner’s happiness with the end result!"

Mike & Cindi Stone

Integrity Development & Construction, Inc. | 110 Pulpit Hill Road | Amherst, Massachusetts 01002 | (413) 549-7919 | info@integbuild.com