In our portfolios to prospective clients we like to highlight local building materials and showrooms. Digitally, however, we’d like to take this a step further and highlight some local suppliers and vendors that we work with. Today is Bingham Lumber out of Brookline, NH! We’re proud to support local suppliers and vendors for your projects to enrich the local economy.

Tom Bingham had the experience of seven lumbermen behind him when he purchased the family business in 2001. His great grandfather and great uncle owned a wood turning and custom wood shop and both his grandfathers owned sawmills. The second Bingham generation (Tom’s father, aunt and uncle) moved their mill, Bingham Lumber, from Fitchburg Ma to Brookline NH in 1973. The mill grew and thrived until 2000 when the tides shifted for the sawmill industry in NH. Learn more about them here!

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